A memoir with recollections on the Age of Electronica, an age of slack, both in terms of leisure and purchasing the collective imagination some open space. From full moon desert parties to the intellectual headphone-sessions, the ’80s and ’90s electronica ranks were filled with a generation in search of meaning. Before 9/11, before the Great Recession, the so-called listless Generations X and Y were already on a quest for a better, more humane approach to life. They thought technology and the Internet held the key.

Whether they found it or most of them were simply tuning out, and sometimes embarassingly so, is a question worth asking. One can wager that the tides of history were much bigger than that and we were just spectators most of the time. But the various essays that will follow here will at least take a look into that nascent techno romanticism, as objectively as is subjectively possible.

Coming soon…