Q&A with Future Sound of London

Garry Cobain in field

The speaking half of the English electronic duo discusses his spiritual and artistic rebirth and the creative philosophy behind Amorphous Androgynous‘ neo-psychedelic rock album, The Isness. Interview conducted via telephone in Spring 2002.

Q&A with Future Sound of London:
1. The Long Genesis of the The Isness and the Dead Cities crisis
2. A Journey Into Healing and Out of Dead Cities
3. Doubts Along the Free Road, Resolve and Hitting the Wave
4. A Creative Rebirth Between Gaz and Yage
5. Reclaiming the Meaning of Psychedelia and the Child State
6. Searching for Freedom from the Prison of Modern Life
7. A Big Giant Cosmic Ostentatious Contradiction
7. Inspiration, the Future of FSOL and the Sound of Amorphous Androgynous
8. Radiohead, Chips and Organic Carrot Juice