1. John Kelley, Desert Funk, Spring 1995, and Lunar Funk, Winter 1995, Moontribe mixtapes

DJ John Kelley Moontribe.org image

Desert Funk 2 A.M. side
Desert Funk 8 A.M. side

Lunar Funk midnight side
Lunar Funk 4 A.M. side

2. DJ Galen, Surreal, 1996, SF ambient house mixtape

DJ Galen's Surreal mixtape cover

Surreal Side A
Surreal Side B

3. Matty Skylab, You See It’s This Way, 1997, SF acid chill mixtape

Matty Skylab You See It's This Way mixtape cover

You See It’s This Way Side A
You See It’s This Way Side B

4. Mick Cole of the Bud Brothers, Serious Handbag Music Vol. 1, Spring 1994, deep house mixtape

Mick Cole Serious Handbag Music Vol. 1

Side A: Ascend in Ambience
Side B: Handbag House

5. COSMO DNA : A Friendly Dose of Wave Motion Love…


Cosmo DNA, Chapter 1: Exit Earth
Derrick Wildstar and Mark Venture begin their uber psychedelic adventures in outer space, leaving a radioactive Planet Earth in search of the world-healing Cosmo DNA:

Exit Earth, part 1
Exit Earth, part 2
Exit Earth, part 3
Exit Earth, part 4

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