plaid breakdancing in the machine

“Pan and the Cyborg” refers to the evolutionary symbolism of the Greek god Pan, the goat-man flute-player that signifies our roots in rustic nature, and the Cyborg, the sci-fi image of a part human, part machine hybrid that expresses our increasing interdependence and identification with increasingly powerful technology.

Pan and the Cyborg: The Evolution of Aesthetics in the Digital Age, and the Life of the Creative Community is an in-depth manuscript on the history, philosophical implications and social-musical dynamics of electronica.

Chapters include:

Introduction: Pan and the Cyborg

“We are the Music Makers. And We are the Dreamers of the Dreams.”

“Electronic, an Illusion of Reality. They Step Out of Their Minds and Into the Computer World.”

“And the You in You is the Same as the You in Me.”

“Even a Stopped Clock Tells the Right Time Twice a Day.”

Conclusion: Elder Brother and Little Brother

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