LCD Soundsystem and Planningtorock

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Kelley Reunion 2007

Photo by Electrohound.

LCD Soundsystem returned to LA for three sold-out nights on June 10, 11 and 12. Filled with hipsters and aging ravers, the show on the opening night was less energetic than their visit last Spring at the Avalon. James Murphy, the self-effacing frontman and mastermind behind LCD, was apparently suffering from a major bout of the flu. Pumped full of drugs, he soldiered on, bringing the crowd to a high enough pitch to keep fans satisfied.

Video by Electrohound.

But the real spectacle of the evening was the opening Planningtorock, Janine Rostron’s one-woman act, seemingly inspired by many years spent in art school dosed on LSD. You could call her the LSD Soundsystem actually, a performance art experience well beyond the pale of current cool. You can imagine getting seizures from her flashing, geometric visuals too. But for the most part, it was gripping stuff, obliterating the boundaries between rave, punk, classical and hip hop. Most telling, Rostron’s vocals were less melodic than rhythmic, elemental spasms sketching through the matrix.

Video by Electrohound.

After the crowd recovered from the Berlin sorceress of acid electronica, many obviously confused by her banshee howlings, LCD Soundsystem took the stage. Harassed by the El Rey Theatre’s security staff, we never quite locked into a tribal frenzy. But the renditions of “North American Scum” and “Us vs Them” got most to boogie and scream. Unfortunately, there was no “Someone Great.” That would be saved for following nights.

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