11. Speedy J – ‘G Spot’

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Speedy J - G Spot

Speedy J * G Spot * 1995 * Warp

Jochem Paap’s sleek G Spot hums with a motor built to last through the next millennium. Composed during several months of recovery from life-threatening glandular fever, it’s a deeply thoughtful album pumping with industrial-strength muscle. And while Speedy J‘s Public Energy No. 1 got more recognition because of its glitchy innovations, in retrospect G Spot is his most stirring work. ‘Ping Pong,’ ‘The Oil Zone’ and ‘G Spot’ are the finest entrancers techno has ever had to offer.

Paap grew up in the busy port city of Rotterdam, Holland. As a precocious hip hop DJ with legendary skills, he earned the name Speedy J early on in his career. In the ’90s he discovered techno and never looked back, signing onto Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label and England’s Warp Records. His first album, Ginger, displayed a knack for spacious grooves screwed tightly to dramatic switches in compressed tone and design.

“I work from graphic ideas,” Paap told MONDO Magazine in 1997, sounding like a Dutch painting master. “I don’t work from music. I don’t get melodies or tunes in my head. If I hear a sound, I don’t remember it from the way it sounds, but by the way it looks.”

G Spot took those instincts to the next level while remaining firmly on the dance floor. Trance classic ‘Ping Pong’ slings to an inventive interplay between wide-as-sky bass and what sounds like a plastic ball bouncing back and forth through an air tube. ‘The Oil Zone’ slinks with craning industrial beats and rising gaseous synths that call to mind the image of a self-replicating robot factory on Mars. And the titanic ‘G Spot’ blazes like a G-force dogfight high in the sky, its electric storm of sparkling explosions rippling through the atmosphere.

G Spot‘s sexual connotations fit the album in one very important sense. It’s a sci-fi trip that consistently widens the eyes and sends shivers up and down the spine. But just as much as it taps into the senses, it works out the brain. It’s a devastating mix, and all the more powerful because years later, it still gleams as the state-of-the-art.

1. The Fun Equations
2. Ping Pong
3. Fill 25
4. Lanzarote
5. Extruma
6. The Oil Zone
7. Treatments
8. Fill 17
9. G Spot
10. Grogno

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