Stanton Warriors: "Lost Files" plus "Sessions Vol 2"

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Stanton warriors vol 2

The Stanton Warriors’ first album of original material is finally here. The one to buy is the import release, which includes a DJ mix in the tradition of Stanton Sessions Volume 1. Together the package is impressive. As anyone who’s familiar with these party pranksters would expect, the beats are thumping and body-moving. The album proper begins with “Seeker,” featuring a guest vocal by Jhelisa of The Shamen fame. Her hushed singing gives the The Lost Files a rock feel very similar to UNKLE’s Never, Never, Land. Dancehall and street vibes come direct with solid tracks “Blaze,” “Get Em High” and “Bounce & Twist,” while tracks like the moody “Slip Away” give the album a pop atmosphere that still retains an underground edge. But that pop sensibility is also a party killer. Instead of letting the sexy, slinking grooves of “Slip Away” ride fiercely for another two to three minutes, the Warriors shorten it for radio play. The result sizzles rather than burns. And that’s the main problem with The Lost Files. Clearly gifted with a sense of what makes people boogie, the Stanton Warriors simply lose their way when playing too hard to the home-listening crowd. Still, the duo’s talent for crafting tough beats and old school vibes is always on display. Any one of these “lost files” would sit well in an alternative radio show or in a breakbeat DJ’s set. The Stanton Sessions Volume 2 mix is proof of the latter. Not as good as their awesome Volume 1, this followup mix still has a deliciously mean streak. Tracks like “Pop Ya Cork” are hard, psychedelic numbers fit to get any big soundsystem party off to a fearless start. Which reveals something about these breakbeat warriors — they’re still better DJs than bedroom rockers.

Music Samples:
Pop Ya Cork
Slip Away

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