Aphex Twin – "Chosen Lords"

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Chosen Lords on the Rephlex lablel is a collection of techno-maestro Richard D. James’ rare material under the name AFX / Analord, a play on his love for analogue music gear and twisted humor. For all intents and purposes however, this is an Aphex Twin album with one major difference: heavy use of the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer — a device famous for its drippy, squelching sound that helped birth acid house in the late 1980s.

Starter “Fenix Funk 5 ” takes a page from Aphex Twin’s classic “Windowlicker” single, its tight breakbeats and surprising spasms intesifying its melodic turns. Quieter songs like “Boxing Day” play brilliantly with phrasing, its fitful melodies connecting with floating fragments in poetic counterpoint. And finale “XMD 5a” stuns with its shimmying groove, its frayed harpsichord searing the mind with white-hot moodiness and communing handclaps. It’s James at his most epic.

Every TB-303 acid line on Chosen Lords is exquisite, oscillating back and forth and bouncing up and down, shaking the psyche with liquid electricity. But Lords is not just an exercise in fetishism. Instead it folds the TB-303′s evocative magic into James’ inventive brew, blazing uncharted territory. In the process, James proves once again he’s a mad genius — an analogue lord indeed.

Music Samples:
Boxing Day
XMD 5a

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