The Solar System – An 'Adventures in Nature and Science' mix

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The Solar System

Just a small treat, no professional thing. Each electronica composition taken as a sonic map to a landscape with peaks and valleys often with no continuous beat. Walter Cronkite narrates the journey through our local, outer spacial neighborhood. A little lost audiobook from Panorama’s Colorside Nature and Science Program, courtesy of Columbia Record Club, 1961.

Choice tunes from my overgrown library play accompaniment: Germany’s bright new lights, some ancient Pete Namlook and Geir Jenssen (The Fires of Ork), a Jeff Mills orchestral rendition, local Los Angeles wonderboy Kenneth Graham, a slow-mo Chemical Afrika and modern ’90s classics from Innersphere, Pluto, Eat Static and astrophysicist Universal Machine aka Lorien Ferris.

Sprinkle in the gorgeous Luke Chable and Chris Gainier remix of Bjork, Pig & Dan’s heartbreaking ‘Futile’ and I think you have something distinct. I hope you agree. Happy Thanksgiving 2008.

The Solar System, Part One -
1. Asha – Pantha du Prince
2. Friday’s Child – Lawrence
3. Fluteorgie – Hug
4. Belly Dancing – Guy Gerber
5. Sympathy for the Devil – Pig & Dan
6. The Fires of Ork I – The Fires of Ork
7. An Echo, A Stain (Luke Chable & Chris Gainier Mix) – Bjork
8. Let’s Get to Work – Innersphere
9. Love Dialed In – Kenneth Graham
10. See This Way – Jeff Mills
11. Futile – Pig & Dan

The Solar System, Part Two -
1. It Began in Afrika – The Chemical Brothers
2. Shambala (Balil Remix) – As One
3. Walden 2 – Pantha du Prince
4. India in Me – Cobblestone Jazz
5. Arboreal Sunrise – Universal Machine
6. White Label – Bjork
7. My Aeroplane Mania (Lawrence Mix) – Turner
8. Sueno Plutino – Pluto
9. Uforic Undulance – Eat Static

More to come soon…

Bug-Sized Spies with 24-hour eyes?

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Bug-Sized Spies: U.S. Develops Tiny Flying Robots

The Associated Press reports that U.S. military engineers are developing little flying robots able to infiltrate enemy zones, spy abroad, and keep an eye on potential baddies. It’s straight out of science fiction and may actually spell the coming end of terrorist threats, privacy and maybe a whole lot more we take for granted. Historian Niall Ferguson predicted something like this in a 2006 Time Magazine piece that looked ahead to the year 2031. Read the rest of this entry »

Beware the remastered New Order collector's editions

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New Order - TechniqueNew Order - BrotherhoodNew Order - Low-LifeNew Order - Power Corruption and Lies

Whoa there friend! Not so fast on those new swanky collector’s editions of New Order’s groundbreaking ’80s catalog. Reuters reports that “alert fans quickly complained of about 300 errors, mostly relating to poor sound quality on the bonus discs. The pops and crackles on many of the tracks suggest they were transferred directly from commercially available vinyl recordings rather than from the original master tapes.” That’s a shame because the bonus discs are supposed to be filled with alternate versions, remixes and instrumentals.

Rhino released the following statement: “We are now in the process of correcting the problems, but it should be noted that due to the age and condition of some of the original source tapes, the sound quality may vary. A further statement will be issued once the corrected product is available. At that time, the procedure for exchanging CD’s will be announced. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this situation.”

End of the long, long, long affair

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End of the Affair

Ah, the misadventures of technological immediacy. I just watched perhaps the worst movie I’ve ever seen, Neil Jordan’s “The End of the Affair” of 1999. It was a free On-Demand TV option so me and my lady decided to kick back and watch the period romance. Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore star. The most memorable thing besides the mind-numbingly mopey dialog, is Fiennes’ bare behind and several booby-shots of Moore. The best is a cut to slow motion as Fiennes falls on the bed in exhausted sexual ecstasy, Moore’s boobs bouncing as the bombs of World War II fall in the London background. Read the rest of this entry »