Underworld doing the live thing

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Underworld live light installation

Full-On Techno Mayhem at Moontribe's $2 Tuesday Halloween Party

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Matt Xavier at $2 Tuesdays

Sauced-up party girl gets nasty with DJ Matt Xavier at last $2 Tuesdays at Mor Bar location. Photo by Electrohound.

Trance is on its last legs and the best evidence came in the form of $2 Tuesdays‘ closing night at the Mor Bar location. Resident Moontribe DJs Daniel, John Kelley, Brian, Brad, Matt Xavier and Treavor tore the roof off with blistering beats. That’s right, crunchy, twisted drums and syncopated synth riffs shook the air, and nary a trance pulse was in earshot. Hallelujah!

The original pioneer of the desert trance sound, Daniel Chavez (DJ Daniel), abandoned that beat eons ago, and now in 2007, his banging, sophisticated techno fit perfectly with the other DJs’ selections. Brian and Brad have also pushed electro techno over the last several years, and the more recent addition of Matt Xavier has beefed up the tribal spirit.

$2 Tuesdays Crowd

A packed house goes bonkers as sick record after sick record shakes the room. Photo by Electrohound.

DJ John Kelley, pioneer of the desert breaks sound, turned to more crunked up, meaty fare, and not surprisingly, it fit in perfectly with the acid techno assault. John and Brian’s close ties in the studio seem to have cemented their intuitive re-commitment to unrelenting, dance-floor dynamics.

The DJs switched back and forth all night until Treavor closed with a melodic touch. But the common thread was full-on techno filled with innovative beat change-ups, unexpected turns and innovative sound designs. There was even a hint of nostalgia as John and Daniel’s tracks drew once again from the same psychedelic cloth of Moontribe’s heyday. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time. Everyone had a blast, including the DJs, who were smiling and laughing with one another the whole ride.

Many thanks to Petey and Mike for keeping $2 Tuesdays going for so long. The good times are returning. I can only pray they find another location soon.