Groove Armada are back with "Soundboy Rock"

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Groove Armada Soundboy Rock

Groove Armada have just released their latest album, “Soundboy Rock.” It’s a mishmash of styles, with a welcome return to the dance floor with tracks like “Get Down” and “Lightsonic.”

Not all the experiments work, but at least they’re pushing the envelope both above and below the ground. They even bring back a more acidy, psychedelic vibe perfect for outdoor parties rolling in the dawn. Read the rest of this entry »

Pantha Du Prince – Dial Records

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Pantha Du Prince This Bliss

Recently discovered the gently complex world of Germany’s Dial Records. It’s got a hint of spooky goth to it. Or maybe it’s just their austere, dark artwork. The melodies from their artist Pantha Du Prince for example are gorgeous, building into epic sweeps, coupled with head-spinning rhythms. Really introspective, intelligent stuff.

From the cover of “This Bliss,” an exerpt from sci-fi writer J.G. Ballard:

“…The light was deeper but more resonant, as if every leaf and flower were a window into a furnace…”

Somehow it describes Pantha Du Prince’s music perfectly.